Dieffebi: Cwave

A totally modular bookcase, cWave stands out with its clean and sinuous profile. Placed against the wall or used as a room divider, cWave combines an impression of lightness, due to the reduced thickness of the aluminium, with an infinite versatility of uses. It is possible to add modular elements to the basic 2 drawer structure (l 2086 h 2223 mm)composing and creating spaces as you wish. TECHNICAL DETAILS Finishes: alluminium, white, black, honey, cinnamon, viridium BOOKCASE DETAILS Measurements W. mm: 2086 D. mm: 300 H. mm: 2223 Product information Made of: alluminium sheet Modular with: The basic 2 drawer module can be added with additional modules in width and height Base: adjustable gliders Drawers: available on base units Custom: dedicated elements to allow angle compositions Finishes: powder coated after phosphotdegreasing treatment and fixing at 200° C CONTAINEMENT DETAILS Runner Type: ball bearing slides.


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