Dencon: Delta X

A modern manager needs furniture that reflects success and progress.
Together with architect MDD Michael H. Nielsen, Dencon has developed a range of furniture that focuses on discreet luxury in exquisite materials.
Delta X furniture stands out from traditional office furniture because of its stunning detail – elegant furniture that reflects Scandinavian values, where the distance between manager and employee is short and discreet.

How to vary between standing
and sitting while you work:
The most important thing is to vary your position and move around, preferably
three times an hour. Instead of sitting down for too long at a time, you
can switch between standing and sitting position. Remember good posture
and to stand with your body weight evenly distributed on both legs!
• Start by raising your desk and standing for 15 minutes each hour
before you go to lunch.
• Raise your desk just before your lunch break. Then your desk will be in
the right position when you get back from lunch.
• Just after lunch, stand for 15 minutes before lowering your desk to sit
for 45 minutes.
• Raise your desk again every hour, so that you stand up working for 15
minutes each hour for the rest of the day.
• Raise your desk before you leave for the day - then it is ready for the
next day.

Important reservations when varying
between standing and sitting position:
• If you are pregnant, have varicose veins or have a health condition
that may prevent you from standing for 5-15 minutes at a time every
hour, you should contact your doctor to make sure that this will not be
detrimental to your health.
• If you would like to stand up to work, you need to make this a habit,
and get your body accustomed to standing up to work. Therefore, it is
not certain that you can stand for very long at a time, so start with five
• Remember that you MUST switch between standing and sitting, and
move around as much as possible in between. It is not healthy either
to stand up and work all day - the ideal situation is to vary between
sitting and standing.


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