DVO: DV901-Vertigo

The table Vertigo designed by Eero Koivisto carries a secret underneath the surface. The name Vertigo means fear of heights. To the person looking down into the upper tabletop a hidden function is revealed. Through another table top of mirroring glass in the lower unloading shelf an optic phenomenon is created. A feeling of bottomless depth. The idea to this unique table came an ordinary day when Eero Koivisto was in an elevator. When he looked into the mirror he discovered the multidimensional effect that is created by the two mirrors facing each other. The table combines a tight form with space for storage. The lower shelf provides space for magazines and books, but also for the user to create funny framings for things that are special to us. By placing an object on the mirror the image of it is reflected and the effects are an infinite number of reflections of the object. “At Offecct we had expressed the need of unique coffee tables since the lack of innovative thinking in the field is great. A field in which we together with Eero saw good opportunities for development. That is why it was obvious to make the decision to develop the series of tables called Vertigo”, says Kurt Tingdal, CEO Offecct. Vertigo consists of two glass table tops on top of each other in a support of chrome. The upper table top is made of spy glass and the lower shelf of mirror glass. Vertigo is available in the size 90 x 90 cm, height 40cm. TECHNICAL INFORMATION Table 90x90 cm (height 40 cm).Tabletop in glass with frame in chrome.


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