De Sede: DS-5

The DS-5 exudes a sense of infinite peace. A peace that is nigh on tangible: "tranquillo" describes it to a T! Antonella Scarpitta has in fact done nothing other than design seating cubes with slim elegant armrests that virtually float above the ground. The result is Italianità, purist-elegant lines and an item of furniture just made for the lounge, where the spirit of dolcefarniente can be celebrated each day to the full. The deep backrests so typical of the lounging style fold up individually to make the snuggest of supports. The DS-5 reflects in all the facets of its design an "inner rightness", a faultless balance between comfort and elegance. Its height above the ground gives it a distinctive appeal that invites us to kick off the hackles of terra firma.


Minden munkanap, 9-17 óra között díjmentes tanácsadással várjuk hívását!
T: +36 1 274-0001.

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