De Sede: DS-2430

A good many modern classics have already emerged from the Maly design studio. And the DS-2400 is a yet another creation whose clean-cut, geometric lines make it a firm contender to become a further contemporary classic. Together with his partner, Birgit Hoffmann, Peter Maly has developed a seating concept of unique generosity. An entire seating family makes it possible to form harmonious ensembles to enhance your living environment, since the new programme has been conceived not merely to include sofa elements and armchairs in two different size ranges, but also dining tables, benches and comfortable dining chairs, which are available in both cantilevered and fourlegged versions. 

As is to be expected from de Sede, the details reflect all the topquality skills of the company’s traditional craftsmanship. The commodious seat cushioning is partitioned by fine diagonal seams, while the diagonal motif is echoed in the sweeping armrests in the form of oblique stitching and pleats. The seating elements, sofas and stools perch on deeply recessed bases, while the large armchairs can also swivel. . 

Constructed on metal frames, the dining chairs offer a level of comfort that makes it a pleasure to linger at the dining table. The tables themselves – with either a square or rectangular solid wooden top – are fashioned in walnut or light oak with stainless steel legs. 


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