De Sede: DS-218

There is certain furniture that plays a decisive role in moulding the character of a room. What, for instance, would a bar or a club be without its stools? Would such animated discussions take place at the bar or would the general clubbing and lounging activity be observed so comfortably were it not for the ideal vantage point afforded by the stools. No other form of seating offers the unique combination of comfort, compactness and ease of movement. These are the ideal prerequisites for use in a communicative environment. And in combination with first-class design, a stool becomes not merely a highlight in functional, but also in visual terms. A place in this category surely belongs to the de Sede DS-218 stools created by acclaimed designer and architect Paolo Piva. The DS-218 represents the essence of Paolo Piva's design philosophy in concrete form: it offers no optical gimmickry, but instead concentrates on clear-cut structures, cubist forms, straight lines and a minimalist selection of materials. Available in two versions, these stools have totally different characters despite their having identical dimensions.


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