De Sede: DS-2100

Reworking a character. The DS-2100 “Skeleton”. It’s not just in out-of-the-ordinary offices that you come across the DS-2100; it has also played a role in major films. Because it is utterly unmistakeable, exudes a certain eccentricity and enjoys a truly unique presence. We have now reworked the “Skeleton”. What remains, of course, is the light construction based on the shape of the human backbone which gives the model its name: the separate slats upholstered in the finest de Sede leather adapt individually to the body to provide the ultimate in seating comfort. Modifications have been made to the frame and the headrest, both of which now reflect more obviously the lightness of the chair’s basic construction. The overall impression is now more harmonious and has even greater coherence, without any of the basic idea behind the chair’s original concept being lost. The DS-2100 is available as a swivel visitor’s chair and an executive office version with high back, headrest, tilt mechanism, height adjustment and castors. The visitor’s chair with a 4-star base is totally new and ideally rounds off the intriguingly different DS-2100 idea.


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