De Sede: DS-166

Like the soft welcome of an open hand, the DS-166 offers refuge to those in search of rest, providing all the comfort and security they seek. Hugo de Ruiter uses plump curvaceous lines to craft an easy-chair which radiates such an aura of well-being that all inclination to stand up from it again vanishes. In aesthetic terms, as well, the DS-166 is simply irresistible. Gently tapering upwards, the harmonious form of the sumptuous upholstery exudes a sense of manifest quietude that complies in full with ergonomic principles. This sensuous design, however, in no way neglects the functional nor makes any attempt to compete with it. On the contrary, the swivel-tilt mechanism incorporated in the DS-166 underscores the idea of the lightness of being. Despite all its sophistication, the chair’s most striking feature lies in its reduced lines: sculptural, objective and honest – the calm embodiment of sublime thought.


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