De Sede: DS-165

The ultimate in elegance. The appeal of this sofa system lies its breadth, its composition and the harmony of its dimensions. The DS-165 comprises a magnificent seating environment that allows virtually endless opportunity for expansion and is as varied and versatile as the challenges of everyday life. Thanks to the different dimensions of its backrests, which glide effortlessly through 360 degrees to form limitless configurations, it is possible to create constantly new seating positions – a rich repertoire of structures that spell comfort and relaxation. Seating elements can be combined with consummate ease and grow seamlessly to enhance any room. The interplay of geometric lines and organic functionality is mirrored in the rectangular seating elements and in their integrated rounded backrests. The DS-165 succeeds in melding apparent contrasts into a symbiotic entity.


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T: +36 1 274-0001.

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