De Sede: DS-164

Anyone sitting on this organically rounded sofa will find it easy to forget the everyday routine for a brief spell. The DS-164 by Hugo de Ruiter is a modular seating island that can be transformed with ease from open sofa to elegant chaise-longue. The backrest glides smoothly through 360 degrees to provide support in any desired position. Its sublime embrace creates a compellingly expressive presence whose power is further underlined by its innovative functionality. This is a veritable sculpture of seating whose impressive lines play subtly with the expectations traditionally placed upon a sofa. By wedding aesthetic appeal and function of the highest order – an acknowledged speciality of de Sede – this sofa fits seamlessly into any environment and meets the most stringent demands for perfection. It brings the same air of lightness that it embodies itself to those who sit on it, be they alone or part of an intimate circle of friends.


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