De Sede: DS-1064

The wealth of configurations permitted by the DS-1064 is virtually without limit, as is the potential for their visual interpretation. This stunning seating ensemble by Hugo de Ruiter makes it possible for living space to be constantly reworked and boldly brings every environment under its thrall. The functionality of the DS-1064 permits liberty its fullest expression. With backrests that glide effortlessly through a full 360 degrees, it is possible to create all manner of seating positions and to combine them with organically rounded seating surfaces in a host of forms, radii and sizes practically without limit. This is facilitated by the same smooth-sliding system patented by de Sede that is found in the DS-165 and DS-164. All of which have been created by Hugo de Ruiter in close collaboration with the de Sede Design-Team to ensure seating comfort that artfully unites aesthetic and functional considerations.


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