Casamania: Opus Incertum

Flexible and light bookshelf or display cabinet in recyclable expanded polypropylene, multi-functional it can be a dividing wall if put one closed or upon the other.
Material 100% recyclable.
Award: “Design Distinction-Furniture 2006” from I.D. MAGAZINE
Carrying capacity: 50 kg (1 Opus), 25 kg (2 Opus stacked)
100% recyclable expanded polypropylene, without metal inserts. (ATTENTION - the product is NOT polystyrene). Structure composed of irregularly shaped closed ‘cells’, combining quality surface finishing with optimal mechanical structure and characteristics (resistance to pressure, surface resistance, impermeable). The light weight nature of the product makes it easily transportable. The finished material has no emissions whatsoever, and it suitable for direct contact with foodstuffs.
L/W 100 P/D 35 H 100


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