BD Barcelona: Valeria and Luca to hang

For years Bd wanted us to devise a family of closed containers to combine with the Hypóstila shelving, which is still one of the firm’s best sellers. However—although it was obvious to us that what the company, the vendors and the customers were asking for would be useful—we could not find a shape or a material that would fit in with the slender metal sections of the shelving. To find a solution to the problem we had to steer clear of any sort of mimicry. Valeria and Luca fit in fantastically with the Hypóstila, and any other shelving in that family—Cristalina, Esbelta and Exenta—but they function perfectly well independently, as one day so too will Oscar’s children, from which they take their names. Container in matt-lacquered MDF of 19mm, in red NCS S-1085-Y90R, white NCS S-0500-N or black NCS GLASS-4. Frontals in matt-lacquered MDF of 19mm, in red, white or black or lacquered with plate of silver mat anodized aluminium.


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