BD Barcelona: El Filosofo

For Bd, and paying tribute to the Catalano bench, I have invented The Swiss benches, a series of public benches that have the virtue of offering some extra function, some extra detail, that added value I always try to find when I develop my ideas. One of the benches is El Poeta (the poet), where I can write or eat with the support of a table. Another is dedicated to El Banquero (the banker), who is a tougher sort, with one part at which to stand (because he sits down all day) and eat a sandwich (because he has very little time). Then there is El Filósofo (the philosopher), inspired by the person who needs some quiet and visual calm, but never wants to be alone, because he needs to chat. For people who prefer to be alone I offer El Solitario (the loner), and for two people, La Pareja (the couple), because it is still possible to share a bench without anyone being sitting beside you. Steel tube legs and seats with steel tubular chassis covered with perforated steel sheet Available in bronze or silver grey texturized polyester resin paint finishing. 320 x 70 x h.130 cm


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