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Linear lamp for lift doors, handrails, kitchens... This lamps offers a low consumption rating using a fluorescent tube, but the latter remains concealed in the inbuilt shape in the door, so that it becomes independent of the lighting (usually incandescent) in the hall or on the stairway. Anodized extruded aluminium profile in silver matt finish and diffusive shade of polycarbonate extruded, in colourless translucent. CENTRAL UNIT in extruded aluminium profile in Al 6063 T5 in silver anodized matt finish. DIFFUSIVE SHADE of polycarbonate extruded, in colourless translucent. REAR COVER in anodized aluminium steel sheet in silver matt finish, optional. - If you can see the rear part -. SIDE PLUG in grey-coloured ABS injected plastic, optional. It also can be used to join several profiles together and form one continuous light fixture. 11 x 65/90/95/120/125/155 x h.6 cm


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