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If I place a lamp on a shelf, all of the shelves bellow it are in shadow. Only by moving the light source forward can I light up the backs of the books. What I then have is a body with a shaft with a light at the end of it. The body, which houses the transformer and the switch, needs to be able to placed in any position on the shelf unit, occupying a minimum of space and pass virtually unnoticed. What better form could I imagine than that of a book?. Finishes: Aluminium box with a grayish green matt metallic finish, containing the transformer, the two-way dimmer switch and off-indicator diode. Swivel shaft in chromed brass available in two sizes, 40 or 65cm. Revolving lamp-holder, of 90?, in chromed brass. Base in iron plate to give stability to the lamp. Halogen bulb GU-5.3 bi-pin, of max. 1x50W 12V/50Hz, included. Certified CE UNE-EN 60598-1.


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