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The Sistema Integral Aula The Integrated Office System’s formal austerity is relaxing on the eye and respectful to the architecture. It is no longer the furniture that is the main protagonist in the contemporary office, but people and their work space. This programme’s versatility and flexibility provides more possibilities for adaptation within this work space. It offers solutions for all projects: the simplicity and efficacy of the assembly system using an expansion clamp (model No. 9402978 registered at the Spanish Patents Office) together with its availability in a variety of sizes and finishes, makes it possible to build an infinite number of structures that can adapt to any surroundings. The materials and finish are of the highest quality and, with the passage of time, produce a pleasing patina of use which lends the aging process a certain nobility, making it a product that is built to last.


Minden munkanap, 9-17 óra között díjmentes tanácsadással várjuk hívását!
T: +36 1 274-0001.

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