Artifort: Apps

A cube with rounded corners, like an icon on a smartphone screen. Designed in accordance with the best Artifort traditions: smooth, timeless and comfortable. Artifort is proud to present the first design by Richard Hutten for Artifort. The Apps has a wooden internal frame. Comfort is assured thanks to the use of webbing in the back and an ingenious seat that boosts the natural comfort of the thick layer of foam. The Apps can be upholstered in either one or two fabrics, and one-person (1.0) and two-person (2.0) versions are available. Richard Hutten on the Apps: Of the three big Artifort-designers from the past Kho Liang Ie was the most down-to-earth and straightforward, and that was also reflected in his designs. As a Dutchman, I can relate to that. At the same time, the design icons of Artifort are characterised by flowing forms. I have combined these characteristics in the Apps. On the one hand, it is a very simple and therefore timeless design; on the other hand, it is entirely contemporary thanks to the flowing forms and a basic shape that appears to be based on icons displayed on a smartphone.


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