Arper: Cila

A simple gesture, a sensuous feel. The fluid form of Cila was inspired by the image of layers of
cloth enveloping the body. Its silhouette of smooth lines retains a graphic character from its
distinctive curve––the most essential symbol of shelter. Like being protected, like being held.
Cila’s easy shape blends into both residential and contract environments and is especially well
suited for dining and entertaining contexts. Comfortable yet lightweight, Cila’s plastic shell can
be customized in six colors with optional seat cushions or fully upholstered in a range of
textures, colors, and styles. Base and leg options include metal legs, wooden legs, a metal sled
or a trestle base.
Cila is currently in preview with customized orders beginning January 2018.


Minden munkanap, 9-17 óra között díjmentes tanácsadással várjuk hívását!
T: +36 1 274-0001.

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