Archiutti: Lay

Flexible, dynamic, informal, sharing.‎ Lay is meant to fit the multiple and contemporaneous ways of living the working space.‎ The light and firm lines, the technical aspects and the use of colors meet the individual need of characterizing its own environment.‎ A strong personality project positioning resolutely towards the research of quality of materials and aesthetic of products.‎ The U joint is the visual and structural hub of the system, crossing point of two diagonals and distinguishing element of multiple configurations.‎ Realized in die cast aluminium, it is available in multiple colors.‎ A complete furnishing program for the different working spaces (operative, meeting, executive and break).‎ Multiple configurations can be created choosing among details, colors and modules that make the office space essential, coherent and pleasant.‎


Minden munkanap, 9-17 óra között díjmentes tanácsadással várjuk hívását!
T: +36 1 274-0001.

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