Andreu World: Lineal Corporate

Lineal Corporate is a collection of chairs, lounge chairs and armchairs with an upholstered structure and metal bases. This collection is well suited for public and office spaces that combines a synthetic form of elegance and style. This studied proportion as well as its content and tone gestures a chromatic neutral space which makes it ideal for architectural styles and many different uses. As a novelty, two bases are made of aluminum with a polished finish, a 4 star base with a swivel return system and a central, height adjustable, rotating base with five wheels. Lineal Corporate is also available with a cantilever base made of chromed steel. The dialogue of these pieces have sober forms and precise ways. New upholstery is offered in the possibility of adding heat-sealing finish, giving greater comfort and appearance of corporate. Lineal Corporate meets the most demanding tests of endurance such as ISO and ANSI BIFMA level 5. Additionally, it is made of recyclable materials following a manufacturing process that respects the environment and sustainability.


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T: +36 1 274-0001.

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