Akaba: Xoko

Collaborative working environments have been a topic of conversation for a few years now. Xoko is a unique seating program addressing this environment. The program was inspired by the idea that a corner, from an architectural point of view, can be an interesting and functional form.
Xoko builds its program around an upholstered stool, generous in dimensions, which because of its shape, allows the user several sitting positions as well as the ability to join them in different compositions.
The line has three versions of bases, stemming from different applications of use. The first being a versatile stool with four metal legs, which facilitate creating different compositions. The second, is a height adjustable central leg stool, which offers adaptability for the individual user. The third, is a lower version with wheels and an integrated pivoting table designed for environments where mobility and reconfiguration is important, like educational or team venues. It is available in a wide range of upholstery options and a range of standard finishes.
In summary this program is defined by the power of collaboration, aspiring to enhance informal, creative and learning environments or simply when one is enjoying a great cup of coffee.  



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