Abstracta: Softline

Softline office partitions is a modular system which easily adapts to the changing requirements of the functional workspace. With its sound-absorbing core (class: A) and fabric in many colours, it creates a comfortable workspace.
Softline has a frame of solid wood and offers excellent stability. Softline is available in different sizes and shapes, both as floor screens and table screens. Available in width 800, 1000, 1200 mm.  Shelves are available as accessories. Softline is now also available as a sound-absorbing wall panel in sizes 600×600, 800×800 and 1000×1000 mm. Softline consists of a 50 mm thick acoustic panel, covered with fabric.

New 2014: Softline is gaining a new accessory this spring: shelving in transparent acrylic with a minimalist style. The shelving is available in three different designs: penholder, shelf and pigeonhole, and they are simply hung over the top of the screen.


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