Abstracta: Mobi

Mobi is an innovative mobile workstation that allows the user to reconfigure his or her workspace on demand. Developed specifically for today’s flexible work environments, Mobi consists of a work surface and a sound-absorbing partition on locking wheels, so it can be easily moved by one person. Combining units can create a variety of configurations, from collaborative team-based arrangements to individual workstations.
Unlike traditional partition-based systems, Mobi can be easily assembled on-site and does not require a costly installer or special tools. The full-sized work surface can accommodate up to three people for impromptu meetings and Mobi can adapt to any space or capacity requirement by simply adding or removing units. This scalability makes Mobi the perfect solution for open-plan offices and other facilities requiring a flexible layout. Mobi’s fabric coated partitions are available in fabric Runner in 6 standard colours. The fixed leg has an adjustable foot, so the work surface can be leveled on uneven floors.


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