It is reassuring to think that a company, with over 40 years of experience, can maintain the fundamental enthusiasm with its approach to work, which exploits modern technology when creating its very own products, all with the delicateness and passion of times past.
The concept which best describes our methods of understanding the product and human relationships both inside and outside our company, is the industrial craftsmanship concept; our philosophy lies with seeking the balance between craftsmanship and technology.
The story of Martex entwines with the most important evolution cycles that have characterized the development of the furniture world; it has been curiously overlooking this scenario for 40 years, to seize the signs of innovation and change which represent the daily motivation for the continuous evolution of our products.
Martex S.p.A., which has been acquired by Dott. Antonio Petrovich in 1979, specialized from the beginning in the production of directional office furniture. In 2001 Ivan Petrovich becomes President and is given the task of leading the company and redefine strategies and objectives; he gives a vigorous pulse to change, beginning the designing and realization of a line of products with strong aesthetic content, aimed to the international markets and contextually starts collaborations with world renown architects.
For Martex, the quality concept represents a broad concept which includes the entire company network; ensuring quality signifies being able to transmit the credibility of a product to the market, whilst maintaining its value and original performance for the long-term. Martex carries out its work paying particular attention to sustainable development and manages its activity according to an environmental management system in compliance with the most advanced environmental management systems. We produce in Italy with all the related warranties and we give priority to manufacturers located nearby to minimize the environmental impact of the road transportation. The mind is Italian and the manufacturing is Italian too, to guarantee a unique quality result.
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