CHAT BOARD® glass wipe boards are ideal for working environments and interior settings due to their uniqueness in terms of colours and sizes. Our products provide brand new possibilities in combining decoration and design of modern corporate headquarters and private homes – stunning design pieces to workrooms ranging from reception areas, conference rooms to executive offices as well as educational and healthcare institutions. CHAT BOARD A/S wants to give the solution to a challenge: The creation of a room that allows you to express yourself in the exact way you wish to and to perfectly match your own identity and your company’s corporate design.

In 1982, the Danish glass specialist Hans H. Jensen founded CHAT BOARD A/S (formerly Focus Products A/S), originally as a company that manufactured monitor screen filters based on optically coated glass panels.

We want to develop products and solutions that embody high quality and functionality in order to provide people tools for communication, presentation and self-expression.
We aim to be market leader by constantly finding optimal glass design solutions to individual requests.

In 2003, Josefine Honoré joined the company. She was convinced that it should be possible to combine her interior design ideas with her father’s experience in the field of technical glass. That was the beginning of the development of CHAT BOARD® Classic – a unique and modern magnetic glass memo board. A new original Danish design product was founded.

CHAT BOARD® Classic quickly became a very popular product. Architects, interior designers and private people found the magnetic glass boards very unique as it gave brand new possibilities in combining decoration and design of modern corporate headquarters and private homes.
Today, the product range has been significantly expanded with also manufacturing CHAT BOARD® Mobile, Move, Wardrobe, Planner, Table, Projection, Magazine Rack, Bespoke (customer specific design solutions) as well as Print on the glass. Design and production is carried out in close collaboration between father and daughter as well as in cooperation with well-known Danish designers.
CHAT BOARD A/S has today grown into an international brand with worldwide exports. CHAT BOARD A/S represents the qualities and values that have made Danish design so famous and in strong demand globally.
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