bordbar – the name has been synonymous with the transformation of authentic airplane trolleys into timeless design objects for private use since 2006. Customers include not only design enthusiasts but also big companies who use these functional trolleys at trade fairs for promotional and marketing purposes.
The highest standards in quality and functionality in combination with bordbar’s unique designs are the pillars of this Cologne design label’s success story. Trolleys with special interiors or features are ever so versatile: versions with chopping boards are ideal to make your kitchen mobile, containers with cubbyholes make great office mates, LEDs with colour programmes are a highlight in your lounge and the built-in docking station for iPhones is ideal for music on the go. 
bordbar is passionate.
bordbar is rooted in a deep passion for using old furniture in different contexts. It all started out with old cinema seats and steel lockers. After a while some airplane trolleys made their way into the mix. The idea to transform this discarded industry product into a piece of design furniture was more than well received. So well received, actually, that it lead to founding the business in 2006 with the modest number of 287 trolleys. From a small Me Inc. it took bordbar only five years to grow into a global player.
Regardless of the worldwide scope of the business, the passion has remained the same. The designs are predominantly from the in-house design office. They are an expression of individual culture in private living quarters, the kitchen, the bathroom, office and outdoor areas. The unique design and functionality of bordbar products has been copied many a times but remains unmatched. The sought-after design award red dot for bordbar’s silver edition is proof for the trolleys’ high quality of design. 
Passionate about Quality.
bordbar has the highest standards when it comes to design, materials and surfaces. The trolleys are elaborately manufactured according to well-tried standards, which ensures their solid and functional character.
Out-of-use airplane trolleys are manually repaired and overhauled one by one. In a process of several hours they are polished, smoothed and laminated with an extremely durable coating. This results in extremely high impact and scratch resistance as well as a brilliant sheen.
bordbar quality stands for hand-crafted quality and passion for value and precision.

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