Patrick Norguet

Patrick Norguet
Született: 1969

Norguet is constantly trying to find new, exciting techniques to his commissions. He has usage of his education as an engineer, with which he began his studies. Following his design studies at ENSCI in Paris his career received a major boost when he was commissioned to be in charge of all visual communications for Louis Vuitton. In 2000 he chose to leave that prestigious company in order to start his own design studio.

Norguet’s design is a synthesis of French elegance and Scandinavian sobriety. In his search for perennial and delicate archetypes he refers both to the Nordic identity privileging comfort, softness, nuances and the everyday life as well as the French design history turned towards innovation, the industry and its fabrication process. Norguet has received multiple awards, among others the Red Dot Design Award 2010 for the chair FLY designed for Offecct, and the Wallpaper* Design Award.
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