Jacob Jensen

Jacob Jensen

Clean surfaces, which upon closer investigation reveal a rich inner life. Clear lines and sharp edges invite you to investigate further. A delight to the eye, calm acceptance in the mind. An invitation to embrace.

No, this is not a description of industrial products from Jacob Jensen Design, though it could be.

It is a description of the view from the rather remarkable house where Jacob Jensen Design has been situated for more than a quarter of a century. On a hill facing a bay in the Limfjord in Denmark, industrial design is created so calm and clear in its message that one is tempted to interpret it as an illustration of the water's reflection and the horizon, which dominates the view from the studio.

In 1958, Jacob Jensen opened the studio Jacob Jensen Design in Strandgade in Copenhagen. Jacob Jensen Design moved to its present location in 1966, the village of Hejlskov on the Limfjord. The house is a modern fortress, built by Jacob Hermann, one of Jacob Jensen's former teachers at the School of Arts and Craft. It is situated in a beautiful and isolated landscape on the edge of the fjord.


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