Ineke Hans

Ineke Hans
Született: 1966

Ineke Hans was born in 1966 and has a degree from the Royal College of Art in London. Since 1998 Ineke Hans has her own design studio in Arnhem, the Netherlands. She works with a great number of different projects like furniture, product design and jewelry. Hans has continuously developed her own collection of furniture and decorative objects but in recent years has also begun cooperating with companies around the world.

Hans’s early work centered around pictograms and archetypes, but her designs have evolved in many ways; investigating the psychological roots of products, perceiving and playing with the interaction between people, objects and space. Old and brand new production methods are used in intelligent and unconventional ways. Innovation in materials and techniques and re-thinking of existing human values and habits have become most important triggers for new work and make it multilayered and playful. Ineke Hans has received a great number of awards, among others the Red Dot Awards and Design Plus Awards, and she was 'Guest of Honour' at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2009.
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