Dirk Wynants

Dirk Wynants

Dirk Wynants founded Extremis in 1994. To date, he is still the full owner and president of the board of directors, but gives priority to designing and art direction. In addition, he is managing director of his own design studio Dirk Wynants Design Works (founded in 2006). Next to its headquarters in Belgium, this studio also has a division in Shanghai.
Dirk established Extremis for the realization of his own design ideas. The Gargantua garden table was his first ever Extremis product. The further development of the company was actually based on the success of this first creation.
Innovation, superior quality materials, a keen eye for functionality and ecology are part of the credo.
Thanks to this attitude, Extremis soon became a worldwide renowned design brand. Dirk’s designs already won many awards. Apart from that, his company also got awarded for design management, general management and export. Since the establishment in 1994, designer Dirk Wynants has succeeded in getting his company a top position within the international design scene. The fact that he never follows the mainstream, but always brings innovative and progressive design, certainly forms part of this success story.
Today Dirk shares his experience at the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, where he also runs his design studio.

May 9th 1964 in Belgium, son of a cabinet maker.
Interior architecture and furniture design at the Architecture Institute Sint-Lucas in Gent, Belgium.
“I’ve always been attached to the globe” is the title of the book dedicated to the work of Dirk Wynants. It was written by the renowned Belgian design critic and journalist Chris Meplon, who has been keeping a close eye on the international design scene since 1998.

Interior Innovation Award (Walrus 2015, Hopper 2011, Picnik 2003, Donuts 2005)
German Design Award for Hopper 2013
Design Award of the Province of West Flanders (Abachus, Kosmos, Kosmos parasol,‘Oris and Hopper 2012, Woodstock 2008, 2004)
md award for Hopper 2011
IF design award (Hopper 2011, Kosmos 2009, Inumbra 2007, Picnik 2004)
Henry van de Velde Label (Hopper 2011, Woodstock 2006, Inumbra 2006, Picnik 2003, Designer 2001)
IDEA Silver for Hopper 2011
Red Dot Award (Abachus 2011, Hopper 2011)
FX international design award (Kosmos 2009, Donuts 2005, Arthur 2004, Picnik 2003)
IDEA Silver for Inumbra 2007
Good Design award for Picnik 2004
les Best of NOW! design à vivre for Picnik 2003
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