Carlos Tíscar

Carlos Tíscar
Született: 1964

Carlos Tíscar was born in 1964 and graduated with a degree in industrial design from the Applied Art School in Valencia in 1982 to continue his studies at the Polytechnic School of Design in Milan. Tíscar began his career in 1987 as a member of the Factoría Diseño Industrial. The same year he was also selected by Valencia´s City Council as representative to the Biennale for Young Mediterranean Creators in Bologna. In 1991, he became a founding partner of the consultancy Gesto Design Management, and in 1993 he opened his own studio, which has developed projects in different areas, ranging from office stationary design to staging exhibitions and furniture. Tíscar’s designs are very simple and appealing. He currently designs furnishings for homes, offices and public spaces as well as serving as art director to certain clients. Tíscar has collaborated with a number of well-known companies, including Sellex, BM 2000, Hodema Oficina and Paularte Design.
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